This Week in Content: December 11, 2015

This Week in Content: December 11, 2015

Each Friday, we share a ‘This Week in Content’ column, bringing you the most popular news, advice and how-to content marketing columns from around the web. This week…

10 Tips to Make Content Marketing Work for Small Budgets

By Neil Patel on Quick Sprout

Content marketing takes a lot of work, as well as time, patience and a budget if it is to pay off. If you’re creating exceptionally valuable content and marketing it effectively, you know it isn’t cheap. The good news is that you can significantly lower your content marketing spending without sacrificing results.

How? In 10 ways, such as producing the most cost-efficient content types, repurposing and updating/republishing content, and slicing those marketing and social promotion activities with marginal ROI. Learn more about how to optimize your limited content marketing resources without compromising quality.

Content Marketing Superheroes You Need on Your Team for 2016

By Miranda Miller on MEDIAau

If you’re among the roughly 80% of companies that will use content marketing in 2016, what talents should you be looking for as you improve your content strategy and expand your efforts?

According to the 10 agency and in-house content marketing experts asked, businesses should invest in hiring and training professional writers and content creators, focus on creativity and collaboration between solid writers and great designers, and last but not least, bring a data geek on board who understands all things analytics, from conversions and content performance measurement to algorithms and reader behavior. Discover all the talents you need for content marketing success in 2016 here.

The Year in Video Marketing and What to Expect in 2016

By Tyler Lessard on Marketing Profs

Video marketing dominated as a 2015 trend, even for B2B companies: a recent study by the Web Video Marketing Council found 96% of B2Bs are now using video, as they’ve found it the ideal format for attracting and engaging audiences throughout the customer journey. What’s more, video has proven to be the most effective content type for converting buyers, with the play button becoming the web’s most powerful call to action.

As more companies learned video production skills in 2015 through hosting their own, 2016 is expected to bring four major video marketing trends: video will play a larger role throughout the customer journey/sales funnel; with more video applications at their disposal, even more organizations will produce video content in-house; marketers will get serious about measuring success and ROI, using data and analytics readily provided by video to optimize results; and finally, video content will become more interactive and personalized. Find out more at Marketing Profs.

14 Video Tools for Social Media Marketers

By Mari Smith on Social Media Examiner

There are many compelling reasons for marketers to leverage video for their social media marketing and ad campaigns, not the least of which is Facebook’s Q3 2015 earnings report that indicates there are now 8 billion daily video views, doubling since April. There’s also strong incentive for marketers to produce their own videos for uploading directly to Facebook, as the platform favors native videos (rather than those that link to external sources) with more reach (up to 30% more views), as well as with images that render up to 11 times larger in its news feed.

Marketers have more video tools and apps than ever for both mobile and desktop to easily create professional-looking screencasts, montages and slideshows, including Instagram’s 30-second video ads. Some work in tandem, while others are mobile-only. Discover the features of 14 video tools that best suit your social media marketing and ad campaign needs at Social Media Examiner.

Facebook Releases Data on Millennial Shopping Trends [Infographic]

By Andrew Hutchinson on Social Media Today

According to data gathered by an August 2015 Nielsen behavioral study commissioned by Facebook, millennials (ages 18 to 34) are moving through critical life stages faster than any other generation.

By reaching such defining milestones as “leaving the nest”, starting their first job, and “finding ‘the one’” earlier in life, Nielsen found that millennials are changing the brand demographics of markets for 20 key traditional consumer-packaged goods (CPGs) like laundry detergent and diapers, as well as the paths to discovery, trial and purchase of these products. The key to tapping into this lucrative young market? Mobile.

View the summarized findings in this infographic from the Facebook Insights blog:

Infographic: Rethinking the Millennial CPG opportunity

Image Credit: Facebook IQ

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