This Week in Content: December 4, 2015

This Week in Content: December 4, 2015

Each Friday, we share a ‘This Week in Content’ column, bringing you the most popular news, advice and how-to content marketing columns from around the web. This week…

How To Go Viral: Lessons From The Most Shared Content of 2015

By Steve Rayson on BuzzSumo

Why does certain content go viral? BuzzSumo analyzed over 1 billion articles published in 2015 in an attempt to answer this question, but found no magic formula. Instead, it found that viral posts are “insightful outliers,” as examples from 2015 demonstrate. However, its analysis did provide insights that marketers can use to improve their content’s shareabiity and engagement.

BuzzSumo’s review of its data identified four elements that are frequently found in viral content, organized as emotional, content, topic, and format. Each element in turn has several key components. While combining the four elements characteristic of viral content into a given blog post (or other content type) may not translate into viral success, it can boost shares. Read all the intriguing details at BuzzSumo.

Master These 11 Content Marketing Skills for Success in 2016

By Miranda Miller on MEDIAau

In the second of a series of posts designed to help content marketers make informed decisions about their strategies and budgets for 2016, a diverse panel of 10+ content marketing thought leaders continue to contribute their insights by weighing in on the question: “What one skill is most important for content marketers to master over the next year?”

Their responses reflect their respective areas of expertise, and include specific in-demand content creation, SEO, PR and branding skills, as well as proficiency in mining data and measuring key indicators of content marketing success. Find out more about the 11 recommended content marketing skills to master for the coming year on the MEDIAau blog.

How to Use Hosted Blog Platforms for SEO & Content Distribution

By Rand Fishkin on Moz

If you rely on hosted blog platforms for your content publishing, distribution and sharing, you should be aware of both the upside and downside of this approach in terms of SEO and content distribution.

Some of the more notable benefits include practical considerations such as ease of use and cost effectiveness, inherited domain authority (especially via LinkedIn and Medium) for SEO, and a considerably large content distribution network that amplifies your content reach (far beyond what an on-site blog could achieve). The pitfalls? Little to no direct brand impact or messaging for sales funnel purposes, no possibility of retargeting, and the uncertainty of the platform’s future and your content’s actual visibility, just to name a few. But there is a smart content marketing compromise between leveraging hosted platforms and publishing on your own site. Learn more at Moz.

The Difference Between Earned, Owned & Paid Media (And Why It Matters for Lead Gen)

By Kelsey Meyer on HubSpot

For lead generation, an effective content strategy combines earned, owned and paid media. But what do these terms mean? And how can content marketers best leverage each media type for an optimal lead gen mix?

As its name implies, earned media is the word-of-mouth exposure your organization achieves through its organic content. Earned media fuels the top of your funnel by generating brand recognition and trust. In turn, paid media is just that: paid techniques such as PPC ads that promote your content on relevant platforms, driving exposure and amplifying your earned and owned media. Owned media is gated content that you might promote via sponsored updates on LinkedIn, promoted tweets, etc. Combining these three types of media produces a powerful synergy for lead generation. Learn more about optimizing your lead gen media mix at HubSpot.

Millennials Love Video Marketing (& You Should Too) [Infographic]

By Ramona Sukhraj on Impact Branding & Design

Generation Y’s passion for video content is beyond infatuation. Millennials (those born between the early 1980’s and 2000’s) crave this medium in all marketing content, and according to findings from a February 2015 survey conducted by Animoto, this growing consumer audience is expected to spend more than $200 billion annually as early as 2017. Discover how to leverage video to reach millenials in this infographic by Animoto:

Animato Infographic: How to Reach Millennials with Video Content

Image Credit: Animoto

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