This Week in Content: February 12, 2016

This Week in Content: February 12, 2016

Each Friday, we share a ‘This Week in Content’ column, bringing you the most popular news, advice and how-to content marketing columns from around the web. This week…

The Uncomfortable State of Content Marketing Metrics

By Mark Schaefer on Businesses Grow

The state of content marketing metrics, as bad as it is now, is only getting worse. The problem? An utter lack of even the most basic data like page views, impressions and organic traffic. When it comes to social sharing on the web, studies consistently show that about 70% of it is “dark” – meaning it’s not visible and therefore not measurable.

The inability to measure results from their investment in content marketing has companies “freaking out.” Most businesses, especially large ones, demand metrics tied to business goals such as leads, sales and cost savings. So what is the answer? Fixing the measurement problem, period. Read more at Businesses Grow.

11 Big Brand Video Strategies to Steal on Your Way to YouTube Stardom

By Ayelet Weisz on ReelSEO

The video marketing success realized by big brands on YouTube is possible for your business as well, regardless of its size or budget. How so? By stealing their masterful video storytelling strategies.

Brands like Ikea, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Microsoft have created brilliant YouTube videos that deftly relay their company message, touch their audience on an emotional level, address their pain points, overcome objections, and move them to take action in an non-salesy way. Among the strategies they use are promoting customer success stories, defying stereotypes, using humor and evoking a powerful emotion. Learn more about the artful video storystelling strategies to steal from big brands at ReelSEO.

What Agile Content Marketing Means for Your Business

By Mathew Sweezey on Convince & Convert

The content marketing process for virtually every company is the same, following a linear progression beginning with the creative experiment of brainstorming content, publishing it, then measuring it via its aggregate engagement at some future point.

In search of a better way, a group of marketers came up with “agile marketing” in 2012. Based on the simple premise of “Ask, Create, Revise,” agile marketing has proven to be a repeatable process that systematically gets better results faster, and with less effort. It has proven to be such a powerful content strategy that it is now employed by Google, Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo and most leading tech companies. Learn more about agile content marketing and what it means for your business at Convince & Convert.

What We Learned On Content Marketing Best Practices From 1,000 SMB Marketers

By Guillaume Decugis on Business 2 Community

Last fall, released its Content Marketing ROI grader as a simple tool for marketing teams to evaluate whether they’re adopting “the essential, efficient and lean best practices that top industry influencers have recommended” and what the company has found proven to work. Not only did high-profile marketers like Barry Feldman and Ian Cleary test out the ROI grader, but so did more than 1,000 small or mid-sized business (SMB) marketers.

The data show that most SMB marketers focus on “content marketing 101” practices – blogging and social media — and that a vast majority understand the importance of publishing and distributing content on a consistent basis. But counterintuitively, distributing content via email newletters is practiced by only 29% of SMBs. Other areas where SMBs need to up their content marketing game include social media amplification and employee advocacy. Find out more at Business 2 Community.

Infographic: How Colors Influence Consumers

By Amanda Walgrove on Contently

If you’ve ever clicked on an ad or made a purchase simply because you were drawn to the color, then count yourself amongst the 90% of consumers who assess products based solely on their hue.

In fact, a company can realize a 20% increase in conversions simply by changing the color of its call-to-action button from green to red. Discover what different colors connote, and the surprising ways they influence consumers and drive conversions, in this infographic by TruConversion:

How to Use Colors to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Image Credit: TruConversion

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