This Week in Content: January 29, 2016

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Intent Marketing: The Life-Changing Magic of Giving People What They Want

By Elisa Gabbert on WordStream

“Intent marketing” is defined as “any kind of marketing that aims to meet an end user or prospect’s intent – that is, what they really want or need in that moment.” Rather than just focusing on users’ intent to buy, marketers need to cultivate brand loyalty by “responding to audience intent in the right way, wherever they are in the ‘buyer journey’.”

While not a new strategy, intent marketing is now more important than ever. Why? Because as Moz’s Rand Fishkin put it in his digital marketing predictions for 2016, content is becoming “so ubiquitous and harder to monetize, only the big winners will be able to keep up the game.” In this winner-takes-all model, digital marketing professionals – content marketers, SEO specialists, and PPC advertisers – need to discover and leverage users’ “deep intent” to drive traffic and conversions, as well as achieve higher search ranking. Read more about intent marketing at WordStream.

Four Content Marketing Investments to Make This Year

By Matt Cooper on MarketingProfs

The highly competitive content marketing space is getting tougher, as evidenced by a recent survey of B2B marketers by Visually. The percentage of respondents who indicated their content marketing is effective fell from 38% to 30% in a single year, and nearly 19% said they were “not very or extremely unsatisfied” with the content being produced.

Heading into 2016, there are four content marketing investments to consider making to help you gain the competitive edge via scaling, optimizing and measuring your content efforts. Specifically, investing in personalization (such as account-based marketing), emerging paid channels, process efficiencies, and dedicated marketing analysts are recommended “to develop a more mature content marketing program.” Learn the details at MarketingProfs.

10 Time-Saving Content Marketing Tools to Add to Your Arsenal

By Sujan Patel on Marketing Insider Group

When done well, content marketing is one of the best ways to build brand buzz. But it takes times and hard work to produce and promote great content. Fortunately, there are many tools marketers can leverage to both create better content and achieve better results – and faster.

The time-saving tools featured include those for images and videos, topic idea generation and research, project management, influencer discovery and outreach, content curation and social sharing, sourcing writers, building a targeted Twitter audience, and automating mind-numbing tasks. Discover what these tools are, how they work, and what they cost at Marketing Insider Group.

Facebook Audience Optimization: What Marketers Need to Know

By Kristi Hines on Social Media Examiner

For marketers who want to achieve more engagement on their Facebook page, the platform recently introduced a feature that allows you to target the audiences most likely to engage with any given post.

Facebook’s Audience Optimizer doesn’t boost a post’s organic reach, but its own algorithm will determine the “right” audience for a post and allow you to learn more about how people with specific interests engage with your posts. Facebook allows for up to 10 interest tags, and offers a list of best practices for using its new feature, such as thinking of the journalistic “who, what, where, when, why, and how” of your post when selecting interests. Find out how to set up the Facebook Audience Optimizer and tips for using it at Social Media Examiner.

10 Types of Visual Content Your Brand Should Be Creating Right Now [Infographic]

By Carly Stec on HubSpot

With over half of content creators planning to make the production of visual content a priority this year, marketers may find the visual content space highly competitive. Discover ways to make your brands’ visual content stand out via this infographic from Canva:

10 Types of Visual Content

Image Credit: Canva

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