This Week in Content: January 22, 2016

This Week in Content: January 22, 2016

Each Friday, we share a ‘This Week in Content’ column, bringing you the most popular news, advice and how-to content marketing columns from around the web. This week…

Content Marketing Tips for B2B Organizations – Whiteboard Friday

By Rand Fishkin on Moz

Aside from sharing the same sales funnel model – brand awareness at the top through customer retention at the end — B2B content marketing differs from that of B2C in significant ways. One of biggest challenges for B2B companies is developing a content marketing strategy that targets the area of the funnel that is in most need of assistance, and applying the right metrics to gauge success.

Another big challenge for B2Bs is that their audience consists of a corporate team, which complicates their content strategy with overlapping buyer personas. Moreover, gating content assets and asking for too much information to access them, and then requiring potential customers to download the content rather than making it web accessible, are common B2B practices that sabotage content marketing efforts. Learn more about B2B challenges as well as opportunities for improving performance at Moz.

The 6 Ways Your Content Marketing Might Be Broken (And How to Fix That)

By Neil Patel on Quick Sprout

If you’re among the many frustrated content marketers who aren’t seeing results from their hard work, it may be due to one or more of six common mistakes that are derailing your plan.

The symptoms of these flaws range from stagnant or sluggish growth in organic search traffic to a lack of conversions despite content views and subscribers. Fortunately, there are specific remedies for these ailments that you can readily implement to get back on track. Find out how to diagnose and fix your broken content marketing at Quick Sprout.

12 Practical Content Tips from Google’s Page Quality Guidelines

By Ben Davis on Econsultancy

Google’s unabridged Page Quality rating guidelines, released in November 2015, offers many examples of low, medium and high quality web pages. Based on some of its more notable guidelines, there are practical tips for improving user experience and providing better content.

For example, your 404 (page not found) template should help users by including an automated list of relevant internal search results or provide a list of popular links other than just the homepage. Other tips include providing specific contact information such as an email address rather than just the standard form, maintaining your “hero” content, and thinking carefully about ad formats on your pages so they’re not confusing, invasive or “highly distracting.” Discover more web content tips at Econsultancy.

How to Increase Awareness, Generate Leads and Create Advocacy With Social Media

By Daniel Kushner on Social Media Examiner

Increasing brand awareness, generating leads and creating brand advocates are three of the most common content marketing goals. Social media is an ideal medium for achieving them.

For brands that are just starting out, fleshing out a strong social media profile on the main platforms, advertising, and making connections can build brand awareness. Also key to brand awareness is creating a content plan and schedule.

The next step is to start generating and qualifying leads with engaging, targeted social content following best practices, such as providing “snackable content and video” for your social profiles. Finally, leverage opportunities to create customer advocates for your brand. Read more about how to the effectively use social media to further your branding and content marketing goals at Social Media Examiner.

Content Marketing Predictions for 2016 [Infographic]

By Verónica Maria Jarski on MarketingProfs

Expert content marketers such as Arnie Kuenn and Ann Handley shared their 2016 predictions for the industry, forecasting continued investment and refined strategies, as well as more variation in content types. Their predictions are illustrated in this infographic by Curata:

Content Marketing Predictions for 2016: Infographic

Image Credit: Curata

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