The Complete Visual Guide to Facebook Ad Sizes [Infographic]

How many pixels wide is a Facebook ad? Find out in this infographic.

Social media marketing is a fantastic way to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website, and Facebook ads have proven among the most effective paid tools available to marketers.

But as Facebook has added new ad types and formats to help marketers reach various types of goals, the self-serve ad design platform has become more complex. Now, you choose your Facebook ads based on 10 different objectives:

  • Clicks to Website,
  • Website Conversions,
  • Page Post Engagement,
  • Page Likes,
  • App Installs,
  • App Engagement,
  • Local Awareness,
  • Event Responses,
  • Offer Claims,
  • and Video Views.

With each of these comes its own set of Facebook ad specifications and dimensions you’ll need to use in order to ensure your ad shows up clearly and completely.

For example, the recommended Facebook ad size for a Facebook Links ad designed to drive clicks to your website is 1200 x 628. And yet a Carousel Ad, also intended to drive clicks to your website, has a recommended image size of 600 x 600. Whether you’re using image or video with the Page Likes ad format, the recommended size is 1200 x 444 — and with each new ad format, there’s are limits and restrictions on allowed characters, headlines, text as a percentage of the ad and more.

How can you keep it all straight?

Webpage FX just released a helpful and comprehensive guide to Facebook ad sizes in the form of an easy to understand, quick reference infographic. Along with the recommended size of each Facebook ad, they’ve included image and video sizes, image ratio, image restrictions, and headline and text character counts.

Keep this handy as you’re setting up your social media marketing campaigns so you can plan and design Facebook ad content to display at its best resolution. Check it out:

Facebook ad specs and dimensions

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