The Complete Visual Guide to Facebook Ad Sizes [Infographic]

Facebook ads sizes and dimensions

Social media marketing is a fantastic way to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website, and Facebook ads have proven among the most effective paid tools available to marketers. But as Facebook has added new ad types and formats to help marketers reach various types of goals, the self-serve ad design platform has […]

How Social & UGC Drive Engagement/Revenue [Infographic]

Social Media Index

Clearing the way to more open consumer influence may be a vital step for brand marketers. If you don’t want customers to stumble on their path from discovery to purchase, you need to capitalize on consumer opinion and UGC using social networks and other avenues throughout the entire process. Social is an important stepping stone […]

Getting Started With Facebook Remarketing & Custom Audiences

Getting started with Custom Audiences

This post was originally published at The ever-shortening attention span of consumers, coupled with increasing competition, makes marketing more challenging than ever for companies doing business online. In first quarter of 2015, 77.5% of retail website shoppers abandoned their cart. It’s even more dire in travel, where over 82% of carts are abandoned. Across […]

Quick Reference Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet (2015)

Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet

Our brains love images. Using compelling visuals to promote your content across social media networks can vastly improve the performance of that content in terms of shares and interactions. As marketers, we know this — in fact, 63% of all social media content is visual. Even so, it can be difficult and tedious to ensure […]

Facebook Launches Author Tag for Writers & Bloggers

Facebook Author Tag

Facebook is making it easier for bloggers and writers to build relationships with their readers, by way of a new “authorship” feature powered by the Author Tag. Many bloggers and writers find Facebook a worthy network for content promotion, enabling them to expand their reach and build a following. Authors who implement the Author Tag […]

4 Old School PR Tactics to Give Your Content Promotion a Boost

Use PR Tactics for Content Promotion

Gone are the days when a single press release distributed to mainstream media had more than a longshot chance of being picked up by a journalist. These days, press releases and other pieces of brand content are more likely posted on a blog or company website, maybe sent out through social media, and probably published […]