‘Think Like a Publisher’ Part One: Create Readable Content

Content Marketing Magic - Think Like a Publisher

You’re making great strides in ‘thinking like a publisher.’ You’ve done your topic and market research, have an editorial calendar in place, and your writers are chomping at the bit to get started. Are you setting them up to write content people will actually want (and be able) to read? People in general have this […]

4 Starter Personas for Tourism & Travel Content Marketing

Starter Personas for Travel & Tourism Content Marketing

Audience personas are an important tool for tourism and travel companies using content to attract, engage and convert customers, but if you’re not using them yet, you’re not alone. Just over one-quarter of B2C marketers (27%) have taken the time to document their content strategy at all. If you’re just getting started with content marketing, you might […]

The Ultimate Visual Guide to Storytelling for Brands

What could better storytelling do for your brand? Effective storytelling helps consumers identify with, learn to trust and ultimately want to do business with your brand. It helps reinforce your core values and brand messaging. It captures the attention of your customers and inspires them to take action. Yes, storytelling is an integral component of […]

9 Incredibly Appealing Types of Visual Content

9 Incredibly Appealing Types of Visual Content

As much as I appreciate the value of the written word, even this career writer can’t deny the power of visual content. Imagery is processed 60,ooo times faster by the brain than text, but is also shared far more on social media and earns more user engagements. That’s not to say you should drop your written […]

2015 is The Year of Content Marketing [Infographic]

This year, 71% of marketers will see an increase in their content marketing budget as digital marketing budgets as a whole hit an all-time high. Content isn’t a fad or a buzzword – it’s the very backbone of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Even so, only 35% of B2B marketers and 23% of B2C have a […]