10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid (#5 is Super Important)

10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

SEO is no black magic — even though Google keeps it proprietary ranking algorithm cards close to its chest, much of SEO best practice is simply based on user experience and content discoverability. After all, Google’s goal is to provide searchers the best answers for any given query. Good SEO means optimizing your site to be […]

5 Ways to Breathe New Life Into Your Boring Company Blog

Better business blogging tactics to resuscitate your blog

You set it up with the best of intentions, carefully choosing a template or custom design, thoughtfully designating tags and categories, and committing to blogging at least once a week. Well, maybe once every two weeks if it’s really busy. Damn, we only published one post this month. Who’s looking after the blog, anyway? I […]

This Week in Content: July 24, 2015

This Week in Content-July 24

Each Friday, we share a ‘This Week in Content” column, bringing you the most popular news, advice and how-to content marketing columns from around the web. This week… Essential Blogging Resource for Marketers: Your Complete Guide By Lisa D. Jenkins for Social Media Examiner Lisa Jenkins pulls together numerous articles into one complete guide to […]

The Monster List of Unnecessary Words Killing Your Best Content

The Monster List of Words Killing Your Best Content

It’s not as sexy as viral marketing or fawned over as measurement, yet this concept is critically important for content marketers: The Economy of Words. Clear, concise language wins the day. More isn’t always better — especially in storytelling to the attention-deficit, hyperconnected crowd. The economy of words applies whether your content is 100 words or 1000 words […]