• Editorial Oversight & Content Optimization
    Your company is already producing content; it's time to achieve maximum exposure, quality and scalability. You need MEDIAau for editorial oversight, content optimization and quality assurance.
  • Content Strategy for Brands
    You may already have the assets in-house to produce top quality, engaging content that aligns with your business goals. You need MEDIAau for Content Strategy.
  • Multimedia Content Development
    You need quality written, visual and video content for your blog, website and industry publications, but lack the resources, talent and/or budget to execute your content marketing plans in-house. You need professional multimedia content development from MEDIAau.


Premium Written, Visual & Video Content for Businesses

All of the Benefits of an In-House Content Team Without the Overhead


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MEDIAau (Media Gold) provides inbound marketing consulting and content marketing strategy and development to help businesses cut through digital noise and connect with target audiences in the moments that matter. We bridge the gap between excellent content creation and on-target marketing, aligning purposeful written, visual and video content with your unique business goals.

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MediaAU offers content strategy for companies of all sizes

Content Strategy

MEDIAau Multimedia Content Development

Multimedia Content Development

MEDIAau - Editorial Oversight and Content Optimization for brands

Editorial Oversight & Content Optimization

MEDIAau ghostwriting services for branding and authority building